Day 7 - Hannah's Story

So where do I start? An unhappy new mum to two babies who were just 6 months and 1.5 when I joined slimming world. On paper I had everything I ever wanted...






A husband, happy home and my kids but something was missing and that was the love for myself. Over the years I’d piled on so much weight through laziness with cooking and grabbing the easy convenient things that it was time to do something. Tipping the scales at over 22 stone at my heaviest it was going to be a long journey ahead. 






Once I’d started I need something to keep me focused. When you’ve got a lot to lose it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all, so breaking it down into small chunks certainly helps - and this is where motivacelet can really help! Each small step deserves a reward to keep you going each day and with the motivacelet adding the little beads with each loss and seeing them build up on your wrist is an amazing feeling. 






 My biggest tip would be certainly to plan! Having a plan for the week ahead by sorting your meals out, batch cooking and also planning for the unknown. We all have those days that don’t go to plan, whether it’s staying late at work, getting stuck in traffic or simply you’re too tired to cook - this is where your planning comes in and by having a freezer meal or batch cook meal to hand you can stay on track easily! 






Small steps in the right direction will get you to your goal but remember it’s not a race! Enjoy the journey by trying new meals and making friends at your weight loss group, get support online from others going through the same thing and don’t be afraid to say no! 



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