This store is now closed and has ceased trading. Its been a blast, thanks for your custom over the years x

how it works

Wear it all day

Designed to be visual enough to keep you going, but discreet enough to be kept secret.

Visual reminder

A visual reminder that you can take wherever you go.  Especially helpful when reaching for food.

Celebrate every pound

Look forward to weigh-ins and be sure to take your counters with you... its the first thing you will do when you get off the scales!

Why it works

When it comes to most daily tasks, a to-do list or app will help you remember everything. For other important this that don’t require to be put on your list, however, a recent study suggests some solid visual cues will help you out quite a bit.

The study, led by Todd Rogers of Harvard Kennedy School, and published in the journal Psychological Science, recommends an approach called “reminders by association.” Basically, if you pair your tasks with a visual cue, you’ll be more likely to remember it. For example, in one of their tests, participants were given coupons to a coffee shop and told to keep an eye out for a specific toy at the counter that would remind them to use the coupon. Compared to the control group who were just given coupons, more participants in the toy group remembered to actually use them.  

Motivacelet gives you the constant visual reminder to show you how far you have come.

About us


I am really pleased.   It is a fantastic way to mark weight loss achievements along the way (and it looks good too)  No one needs to know what it respresents - but I do!  Amazing customer service. Cannot recommend highly enough

J King

Such a cute reminder of where you are and where you are going... especially when your weight loss journey gets super tough

wl.ltx on instagram

...what a fantastic idea to keep track and motivate myself, I bought a lovely bangle starter pack and all my beads to target.  I wear my loss with pride

C Taylor

Wear it all day

Breaks down weight loss journeys into smaller chunks

Celebrate every pound

Notice it when you reach for food

Constant visual reminder